How to apply your BunnyHop bike wrap.

 Step 01

Clean the surface of your bike so that the vinyl has a clean surface to stick to.
Isopropyl alcohol is ideal.



Step 02.

Centre the Bike Wrap on the top of the Top-tube. Apply lightly, so you can easily adjust the positioning. Firmly apply only when you’re happy with the final positioning.

Step 03.

 Smooth the wrap and wrap the Top-tube, removing air bubbles as you keep tension on the wrap without over stretching the material.

Step 04.

When you’re happy with the positioning, heat the vinyl with a hairdryer (if you don’t have a heat gun) and apply strong pressure all over the graphic wrap.


 Step 05.

Re-squeegee when cool to ensure maximum adhesion, and you are good to go show off your new BunnyHop bike wrap.

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