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How to apply your BunnyHop bike wrap.

applying wrap guide how to tutorial

 Step 01.

Cut out the ruler provided with your BunnyHop Wrap.


Step 02.

Use this ruler to measure the length and circumference of the top tube. Mark the ruler with your bike's length and circumference.

BunnyHop Bike wrap

Step 03. 

Using the top tube outline on your BunnyHop sheet, and the measurements you just took of the top tube of your bike, mark the appropriate length and width on the BunnyHop Template. Check, measure and check again before cutting.

Step 04.

Mark the middle of the piece with a pen, so that you can see a little indent on the other side of the wrap. This will be your guide so that you know your wrap is in the middle of the top tube.

Step 05.

Clean the surface of your bike so that the vinyl has a clean surface to stick to.



Step 06.

Centre the Bike Wrap on the top of the Top-tube. Apply lightly, so you can easily adjust the positioning. Firmly apply only when you’re happy with the final positioning.

Step 07.

 Smooth the wrap and wrap the Top-tube, removing air bubbles as you keep tension on the wrap without over stretching the material.

Step 08.

When you’re happy with the positioning, heat the vinyl with a hairdryer (if you don’t have a heat gun) and apply strong pressure all over the graphic wrap.


 Step 09.

Re-squeegee when cool to ensure maximum adhesion, and you are good to go show off your new BunnyHop bike wrap.

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