Bike Wraps

Graphic Wraps

Full colour print with gloss laminate
• Easy apply vinyl with air egress channels to easily eliminate bubble and wrinkle during application • Must be applied dry. Do not use water when applying • Slides smoothly on surface for exact positioning: stands-off from surface until pressure is applied • Low adhesive tack level allows graphics to be repositioned during application • Dark grey adhesive provides extra opacity for blockout performance • Easy removability with heat for up to 5 years with little or no adhesive residue

Reflective Graphic Wraps

Full colour print with gloss laminate
Our Reflective Graphic Wrap is an engineer grade enclosed lens coated reflective sheeting with a removable adhesive. Features an adhesive which is repositionable on the surface up to the final pressure during application and comply adhesive technology with air release channels allowing for fast, easy, bubble-free applications. It is durable and flexibly. Up to 5 years outdoor durability. • Similar daytime and nighttime appearance
• Retains most reflectivity when wet  • Excellent angularity  • Pressure activated adhesive for easy sliding and tacking • Air release channels for fast and easy, bubble free installation

Chrome Wraps

Very high gloss semi-conformable film   Unique patented adhesive technology that helps eliminate wrinkles and bubbles during application and long term removability after the intended period of use   Good conformability to irregular substrates   Outstanding durability and outdoor performance  Good UV, temperature, humidity, and salt-spray resistance   Chrome Series is a 2-3 year, premium quality specialty film.